Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Spirit of Gratitude: June 19

This Week I Am Thankful For:

Playing with the grand baby
Chalk pictures on the driveway
Making pillow covers
Seeing a hawk in Walmart parking lot
Shakespeare in the Park

The rain stopping just before show time
Dinner outside at sunset

Remembering how much I love live theatre
Pretending to be William Shakespeare
My sweet helpful husband
Visiting with my dad
The grand baby "swimming" (playing in the pool)
Picking blueberries
Sunday morning breakfast
Projects moving along
Homemade pizza
Feta cheese
The Man of the House
New bed pillows
Pretty new purse

Clean car
Grand baby silliness in the car
Maxi skirts
Clothes on the line
The male offspring working hard on porch painting project
The grand baby playing with the pop gun
Lunch with the Man of the House

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  1. Ah, I just had lunch with the man of the house, too. Love your sweet spirit of gratitude. Encourages me to stop and spend some time praising God. ~Pamela

  2. Always thankful for maxi skirts, picking blueberries, and helpful husbands. Great list!

  3. This is a wonderful list. I too like your thankfulness. Thanks so much for sharing it.


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