Friday, June 13, 2014

Top Five Blog Posts of All Time

I get curious (and/or bored) sometimes and take a look at my blog stats.  Just to see what posts are getting lots of views, what is not so much.

At last check (the day I wrote this... ) these were my Top Five Blog Posts of all time:

5)   Why I Hate Spring
         Ok... I don't really hate Spring. In fact, if questioned I would probably say that I love spring. The effect it has on my body - not so much.

4)   It's Ok
          Sometimes things aren't perfect... and that's Ok.

3)  Seven Days without Coffee: Coffee Dreaming
          Part of a series of posts where I quit coffee cold turkey for seven days.  Yeh.. I know.. WHAT was I thinking?

2) Coffee Talk
          "It's like having coffee and conversation with a dear (and very wise) friend"

And the number one viewed post of all time is.....

1)  And Then I Look In The Mirror...
          Most days I still feel 26.  And then...

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