Friday, June 27, 2014

That Was Yesterday, This Is Today

That was Yesterday:
  • I bought the perfect new notebook and started setting it up to use as my new prayer journal.
  • I found a porch umbrella - originally cost $399.  Got it on sale for $114.
  • I laughed at the offspring as they tried to create a homemade redneck slip and slide in the backyard.
  • I had plenty of energy for getting things marked off the to-do list

This is Today:
  • I woke up with a vicious sinus headache and I can't stop sneezing
  • The grand baby spilled my cup of coffee all over my yarn bags and prayer basket (completely soaking and staining my new notebook)
  • The dog will not stop barking.
  • I am super tired and cranky.

 Life is like that.  You have some good days.  You have some not so good days.

You can focus on the not so good day.  Which will make them feel as if they are taking over your life and most all the days are bad days.

Or you can choose to focus on the good days.  Look hard to find what good there is hiding in the not so good days and give thanks for it.  (and there is always something!)

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  1. I feel you. My yesterday was the bad. Today's pretty good. Sometimes the bad wants to carry over. Thanks for the reminder to look hard for the good! Visiting from Fellowship Fridays :-)

  2. Go take a turn down that redneck slip n'll feel better in no time. ;)


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