Friday, June 6, 2014


Some days I am just overwhelmed by my life.

I'm not talking about the endless mountains of laundry and dirty dishes.  Not the constant calendar of dates, events, and happenings that must be planned, hosted, attended, or celebrated. Not the meals to be planned, bought, and prepared.  Or the cleaning up that follows each and every one of these things. (Although those things are always there, demanding time and attention)


The overwhelmed I'm talking about doesn't come from busyness.  Not from physical or mental exhaustion.

It comes when my hands are busy and my mind is idle.  When I have time to think about my life such as it is...

The strong, kind, loving, supportive man God gave me for a husband.
The crazy, funny, talented, silly, and smart offspring He blessed me with.
The little miracle of a grand son. 
My sisters and parents.
The roof over our heads.
The food for our table.
The enjoyment of crocheting and the skill to be able to do it.
More books to read than I could ever get through in a couple of lifetimes.
The beauty of the mountains where I live.

I ponder all this and I can't believe how incredibly blessed I am!

Just thinking about it all brings tears to my eyes.  It fills my heart to bursting.  It makes me want to sing.  To dance.  To fall to my knees in a prayer of thanksgiving.

That's the kind of overwhelmed I'm talking about...

Completely overcome with the love I feel.  The sense of fulfillment.  The gratitude.

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  1. Wow - we fit together. I feel overwhelmed a lot too. I need to step back and God take over. A few minutes of prayer and I am back on track. Thanks for sharing your blog.

  2. That is the best overwhelmed I can think of! I do have that kind too but find that I let the other overwhelming stuff you mentioned at the beginning, cloud the big picture! I too am very blessed! Visiting you back from my blog. Love your post!


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