Friday, January 16, 2015

Wake Up Call

One afternoon you're sitting on the couch, minding your own business, happily eating cheetos right out of the bag (no judgment) when the phone rings.  You casually lick florescent  orange powder off your fingers and take the call.

That call.  The one from your doctor with your lab results.  Telling you that your cholesterol is too high and she wants to discuss a management plan with you as soon as possible.

You go in the next day.  Your cholesterol isn't just "kind of" high.  It's high - period.  It's all just a big mess.  Bad cholesterol is too high.  Good cholesterol is too low.  Triglycerides are through the roof.  This isn't good.

Not. Good.  At all.

You know you've put on a little quite a bit of weight in the past couple of years.  You haven't been exercising for the last several months.  Your eating habits have been on a down hill slide recently.

But you didn't expect this.  This is a big red flag being waved right in front of you.  Alarm bells are ringing. This is your wake up call.


It's time to get serious about your health.

I say "you" - what I mean is "me".

I've been kidding myself.  Making excuses.  Turning a blind eye.

"It's not that much weight"
"A lot of people eat worse than I do"
"I'll start exercising again soon"
"I deserve a treat because _____"

But I'll be honest - this shook me up.  Put a scare into me.  Got my attention.

It's time to stop the excuses and get real.  Take charge of my health and make some permanent changes.

Healthier eating.  Reading labels, making better choices, tracking calories.

Regular exercise. Wearing the FitBit and tracking my steps.  It's no longer a matter of "I don't really want to".  Now it's a matter of "I have to".

This will be my journey toward health.  I'm inviting all of you along with me to keep myself accountable.  And maybe for a little moral support from time to time.  I plan to post weekly updates to start.  And we'll see where this goes from there.

So, here it is - I am embarrassed  to even share this with you - the not so pretty honest truth.

Today:  January 16
Weight: 167.8 lbs (you have no idea how much I did not want to type that)
This week I exercised: none
Steps walked: ?

My goals for Week 1:
*  Drink enough water
*  Wear FitBit daily
*  Exercise at least 3 to 5 days

Have you ever had a wake up call which caused you to make some  health or lifestyle changes?

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  1. Heart disease runs in my family. It killed two members already and is working on four others. Ughhh. I'm with you. I love to exercise but it seems like over the past few months I have just been a total slacker. My doctor will want to do the regular labs in two weeks and I'm not ready. Let's do this!

    1. Shhhhh.. don't tell anyone, but I hate to exercise. But I gotta do this!

  2. I'm commenting just after returning from a 20 minute walk. I know you feel that weight is just horrible, and I'm sure for you and the fact that you normally take care of yourself it might be too high....but, believe me it could be soooooo much worse. My highest weight was 220. I just contacted WW to get what it was and yes, you read that right. Since last September, I've lost about 30 lbs, but somewhere along the way, I also lost 17, so I'm down 47 lbs. I'm not telling you this out of pride....but to say, that it can be done!!! If an OLD woman can lose weight, so can you, sweet Lady! Praying for you....ask God for His help and guidance as to what plan He would like for you to use, if any. I just count calories. Fitness Pal has become my friend!!! ;-)

    1. Thsnk you for the encouragement! I knew my wright had been creeping up, but it's the cholesterol which has me really concerned. Not a good combo!


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