Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ride Along

Earlier this week the Man of the House had some dental work done and needed someone to drive him home.  Because of this he left his truck there and I got to take him to work the next day.


Riding along beside him in the pre-dawn morning I realized how much I enjoy just being in the car with him.

It's the closeness of sharing the small space with him.

The way he will reach across the gear shift and take my hand or rest his hand on my leg.

Sometimes we will talk. Other times we may share a comfortable silence. Just listening to the radio.

It's just one of those small pleasures which are so very easy to overlook as they happen.  Moments to seek out in the everyday.  Times to savor and treasure.

Oh... and he smelled really good too! :0)

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  1. Hi, Beckey! I'm just returning the visit to my page, Being Confident of This. I just love this sweet moment you captured with your man. Often we miss out on those little moments, but they are so important to a marriage. Nice to "meet" you here!
    Jen :)


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