Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why Google Makes Me Feel Bad About Myself

Every morning without fail, my Google calendar feels the need to send me an email.  Just to let me know that I have no appointments planned that day.

Every.  Single.  Day. As if it's important to let me know I have no plans again that day.

Sometimes I get to the point where I feel as if it's mocking me.

"Hey... just in case your forgot.  You got nothing going on today.  No where to go.  Nothing to do.  No friends to have lunch with or meet for coffee.  No book club or crochet group. No woman's Bible Study to attend.  Nope. Nothing at all.  Again.  Just so you know..."

I'm not writing this because I want you to feel sorry for me.  It's not as if I look at my email every morning and feel bad about the lack of items on my calendar.  Most days I delete the email and don't think twice about it.  

But - if I'm being honest here - there are days it rubs me the wrong way.  You know those kind of days.  The ones when I'm all hormonal, or tired, or just feeling a little down on myself.  On those days Google calendar makes me feel bad about myself.

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  1. Who cares what that google thing says. You have an awesome purpose and that is all that matters....not what a calendar says. Stupid winter calendar. ;-)

  2. Your real life is written on the pages of your children's and grandchildren's hearts. :-) I don't get out often to socialize with friends, and it's Facebook that reminds me of that as I see people arranging to get together.

    Right now I wish I didn't have so many appointments, but I'm recovering from a car accident and I am in the chiropractor and specialist offices far more than I would like. This was my week last week:

  3. I am a military wive, and one of the parts that is so hard about moving is the "empty calendar" phase. Those first 6 months when time hangs heavy on your hands as you get your family settled. Enjoyed your post today. I'm linking with you at Holley's.

  4. Right there with you. Just glad I don't get that email! :)

  5. You DO have something on your calendar everyday...text with your sis!


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