Monday, March 23, 2015

A Spirit of Gratitude - March 23

Took a week away from the blog last week.  Spend some time with my sister and neices while they were in town.  Enjoyed the first days of Spring.  Renewed my Spirit a little bit.  It was wonderful.  It also means an extra long, two weeks worth of blessings, gratitude list!

I Am Thankful For
  Orders completed and ready to mail
Returning Customers
The Man of the House NOT working late
Ordering a new postal scale
The Man of the House helping me with new product ideas
Rainy mornings
A sale on one of my favorite yarns
New pillowcases
Clean bathrooms
Time with the Man of the House
Swedish Fish
The family pitching in with housework
Babysitting the Grand Baby
Waking up to the cat biting my toes
Preparing for my sister's visit
Pi Day
Sleeping late
Grocery shopping with the Man of the House
Drying a great new chicken place (Rocky's Hot Chicken Shack)
Lazy Sunday Dinners
Bite sized chocolate bars
Great starts to the week
Getting all my errands done
Sister and neices arriving
Selling a "big" item
Girl Scout Cookies
Supplies for a new project
Staying up late talking with my sister
Lazy afternoons
Laughing until I can't catch my breath
Playing Apples to Apples with the whole gang
Playing outside with the Grand Baby
The Man of the House making dinner while I nap
Afternoon naps on the couch


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  1. What a lovely list of things to be thankful for. Lazy afternoons and sleeping late sound blissful :-)

  2. Wonderful list, heres to another fantastic week 👌

  3. love your lists, thanks for linking up #thankfulthursday

    Now what is apples to apples


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