Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Favorites - The Tim Tam Slam

Maybe you're like I was not so very long ago.  Maybe you're not familiar with the chocolately treat known as a Tim Tam.   Let alone ever heard of a Tim Tam Slam.  Well, let me tell you - we've been missing out!

I first became acquainted with the concept thanks to Good Mythical Morning.  And if you're not familiar these guys either - check them out!  A couple of Carolina boys who make my family laugh, and inspire some amusing, but slightly disturbing, games around our house.  But I digress... this isn't really about Rhett and Link.  It's about the wonder which is the Tim Tam!

How best to describe the Tim Tam slam?  Well... you could watch the above video. But in a nutshell... you bite off the opposite corners of the Tim Tam, use it a straw to suck up your coffee until it gets nice and mushy soft, then slam the whole thing in your mouth before it falls apart.

After seeing the video of the GMM guys learning the correct way to do a Tim Tam slam, I was intrigued by it.  And wanted a package of Tim Tams for my very own!  Sadly, I could not locate the treats at any of my local stores.  And that's where the  amazing fellow known as The Man of the House stepped in and provided me with Tim Tams as part of my Christmas presents.  (yeh, he's pretty awesome!!)

It. Was. On!! (No.  There is no video footage of me doing a slam.  Because.  There's just not.  Honestly, I didn't even think I would ever be writing about this)

Sadly, once my package of Tim Tams was gone - the fun had to end.   After searching everywhere he could think of, the Man of the House had to order them online.  And the price was well.. not cheap for a little package of cookies.  But - it's an Easter miracle! I just found them in the seasonal section at my local Target!  YES!!!

I grabbed two packages that day. And I will be heading back for more. Can we say "stock-piling"?

Have you ever had a Tim Tam?  Or done the Tim Tam Slam?  It's one of my current favorite things!
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