Monday, May 1, 2017

Currently... May 2017

May is looking to be a busy month around here!  It kicks off this weekend with the Spring guitar concert for the Male Offspring and ends it with his birthday.  In between we may or may not have a graduation to attend, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and a whole load of projects to work on.  And here I thought I might have the chance to slow down, relax, and just enjoy time passing this month.  Not this time, busy lady... not this time.

But before things get too busy, let's remember to take a brief moment to see where things stand as this busy month of May begins...

Reading:  I am about half way through A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny. I am getting close to the top of the wait list on a couple of holds through the library.  If one comes up soon, that will be next.  If not, then I'll start the next in this series - The Cruelest Month

Eating:  I've gotten a little off track over the past week or two.  Especially this previous weekend, when I indulged a bit too much.  So it's back on track for May!  Breakfast will be either an egg with whole grain toast and fruit, or oatmeal with berries.  Lunch is planned as a veggie hummus sandwich or a salad.  And some healthy dinner options. 

Working On:  Getting back to some decluttering.  I didn't get much done during April between being out of town, having a couple of wholesale orders to complete, Easter, etc. 

I'm also working on a plan to be more consistent with my blog writing and publishing instead of posts coming in clusters.  It's like feast or famine around here. 

Enjoying:  Overindulging in some Angliophilia.  One of my favorite things to do when I'm staying up late nights working on orders is to watch shows, movies, and documentaries about all things English.  Thanks to Netflix and Amazon Prime - I have had more than enough material to fill my head with The Cousin's War, the Tudor and Victorian eras, the more recent Royals, and a plethora of English castles. 

Anticipating:  The summer growing season!  I am ready for some trips to the farmer's market for fresh fruits and veggies.

Feeling:  Inspired.  I'm not sure if it's the warmer weather or what - but my creative juices are flowing and I have all sorts of ideas and plans forming in my little ol' brain. Things I want to make.  Things I want to do.  Things I want to accomplish in my work.

What are you up to during May?

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