Tuesday, May 9, 2017

It's A Zoo Out There... And In Here

It has been a pretty creepy couple of days around here.  This place has always been a bit of a zoo; but this is getting ridiculous!

Yesterday, the Man of the House was outside where he has been pressure washing, sanding, and repainting the garage doors.  As he went to sand one side of the frame, he came face to face with this...

Yep.  That's a little ol' bat.  Who was hanging upside down getting his beauty rest right on the side of our house! YIKES!!

AS if that wasn't enough... today happened.

I was cleaning up in the kitchen.  As I finished up and walked out of the kitchen, this was slithering across the living room floor!

An approximately 5 foot long black snake was IN. MY. HOUSE.  I screamed.  I screamed a little more.  I yelled for the Male Offspring.  I texted the Man of the House.  The snake slithered along the wall and under the little wagon where I keep books for the grand kid. 

The Male Offspring trapped it under a plastic storage bin, where it stayed for a while.  We needed time to figure out our next move.  Finally, the male offspring decided to slide some cardboard under the bin - and the snake - and we carried the entire thing outside.

I'm glad all these critters are the sort which eat other, nastier creatures and nothing terribly dangerous.  But enough is enough!  The only animals I want living in my house are the cat and dog.


  1. How did you sleep last night??!? I think I'd have felt like a snake was in bed with me....or gonna be....all night long! Can you picture me under a pile of covers, even my head?!?!? Sure hope today is less exciting....traumatic!!! ;-)

    1. LOL! Today has been much less eventful... so far.

  2. Hi, Beckey!

    Eeeeekkkkk...that is creepy! I'm so glad that you weren't alone when that snake was slithering around! I think bats are kinda cute...in the trees... :0)

    I guess it's just that time of year, when creepy thinks sneak into your house...thank goodness it wasn't human!!


  3. My goodness... I can't tell you how creeped out I would be.
    You've certainly earned a gold star for courage!!
    I am not a girl that likes creepy crawly things, or bats. In fact, I detest bats!!

    Hang in there, and I'm wishing you good luck with your spring cleaning projects.



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