Thursday, May 11, 2017

Finally... Happy Nails

I enjoy having pretty, painted nails just as much as the next gal.  Unfortunately, once manicured, mine seem to chip as soon as they're dry.  Whether it's from washing dishes, playing with the grand kid or working with my crochet hook - I can count on my nail polish chipping within a day... maybe two if I'm lucky.

I've tried many of the top brands, and until now Essie has been my go-to choice for the best results. 

Until last week on a whim I picked up this...  Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Color,  Base Coat, and Top Coat.


First of all - you can't beat the price!  I paid less than $3 each for the base and topcoats, and less than $2 for the color!  This one is Sugar Coat.  It's a pretty pinkish- white shade.  My first coat on was a little streaky, but I took my time on the second coat to get it even and it looked much better after that.

My opinion only improved from there.  I was pleased to see the nail polish last.  Not just one day, or even two.

Day Two

I was thrilled to still be chip-free on day three!

Day Three

But when it still looked beautiful on day four, I was amazed!  This was pretty much a record for me.  It's not as if I were being super careful or anything.  It was the usual cleaning, crocheting, etc.

Day Four

On day five, the first chips started to show. And while I could probably manage to get by another day or two if I wanted to thanks to the light, nude color of the polish; I will probably re-do my manicure on day 6.  I have a slightly darker shade picked out for the next round.

Day Five
This set is a win for me!  And I have already recommended it to a couple of people.

*  I received no compensation or product from the company.  All items were purchased at full price by myself and all opinions expressed are my own


  1. Thanks for posting this. I stopped wearing acrylic nails and I noticed polish always chips on my natural nails too. I will certainly give this a try.

  2. Hi Beckey!

    That is awesome, and what pretty nails! That is a great price...I just refuse to pay 15.00 for a bottle of nail polish! I usually just use a clear polish because of the chipping, and the price. I'm excited to try, Wet and Wild, thanks for the great tip!



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