Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday Favorites: The Premiere

I thought it would be fun to start using Fridays to share a few of the fun, interesting, bizarre, and funny things I come across in my day to day life each week.  Enjoy!

BEE HAPPY:  I saw this Bee Happy Doormat from World Market in an email this week - and you can "bee-lieve" it will be living on my front porch soon!

Fervent: A Woman's Battle Plan to Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer:  I started reading this book by Priscilla Shirer this week.  I'm very excited about using it to help give my prayer life a much needed jump start.
Fervent at

liveGfree Angel Food Cake mix:  After concluding last year that some problems he was having were likely related to a gluten sensitivity, the Man of the House has been gluten free.  I have been craving some strawberry shortcake.  But it didn't seem right to enjoy it when the Man of the House couldn't have the shortcake portion of the dessert.  This will make it possible for all of us to indulge in that sweet treat... without the gluten induced side effects.

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  1. Aldi has the most awesome GF products. Our daughter cooks GF because 2 of the grand kiddos have an intolerance! HOPE you have a great weekend, sweet Lady!


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