Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Favorites: Spice Things Up!

Happy first Friday of Summer 2017!!  Which means it's time for things to heat up.  In honor of that, I'm highlighting a few of my favorite spicy things today. Despite the fact that I prefer things a little more mild.

1.  Pacqui Tortilla Chips

"Pacqui" is the Aztec word meaning "to be happy".  And these chips certainly do make me happy!! No GMOs, no MSG, no gluten, and no trans-fats.  The entire family likes the nacho cheese.   The Man of the House enjoys the Ghost Pepper variety.  (and is eagerly awaiting the return of the Carolina Reaper One Chip Challenge)  While I'm crazy for the Cool Salsa Verde.  Yum!

2. Rocky's Hot Chicken Shack

This is my very favorite chicken restaurant here in town.  I stick to the plain, but the Man of the House has conquered their XXhot.  🔥  And the sides are extra yummy.  Especially the fried okra and pimento cheese grits!

3.  Good Earth Sweet and Spicy Tea

A blend of cinnamon and sweet orange gives this tea the perfect blend of... well, sweetness and spice.  I was introduced to this by my youngest sister and it is one of my two favorite teas.  It's available in black tea or green.  Both are delicious.  (also available in regular or decaffeinated)

Do you like things spicy, or more on the mild side?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Beckey~

    I love spicy! I have never had hot chicken, but I hear it's delish. I love tea so spicy and sweet would make me a happy girl!



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