Thursday, June 22, 2017

"It's OK" Thursday #2

Today is "It's OK" Thursday!   This is our chance to acknowledge all those things that would probably never make an appearance on your Pinterest boards, but in the grand scheme of things are, well...  OK.

It's OK that I have been feeling a little "off" all week.

It's OK that I overcooked more than a dozen hard boiled eggs when I forgot them on the stove

It's OK to take a nap at 3 in the afternoon, even though there are a million things that I should be doing.

It's OK to wish for one day where I can sleep in and have absolutely nothing that needs to be done

It's OK that I can't seem to find any cute sandals that don't leave my feet achey at the end of the day

Also...  It's OK that I almost forgot to post this today!

Now it's your turn! Add your own "It's OK" Thursday post to the link up!

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