Monday, July 3, 2017

Currently... July 2017.

Welcome to July!  The month many of us celebrate America's birthday with cookouts, fireworks, and vacations.  You can count me in that number.  I'm looking forward to ALL those things!

Reading:  I have a HUGE stack of books I am hoping to get through this month. Mainly, I want to finally finish up that stack of Louise Penny books I've been slowly working through.  But, right now I'm reading Three Sisters, Three Queens by Philippa Gregory.  I've also had two books ( Isaac's Storm by Erik Larsen and A Train in Winter by Caroline Moorehead) which had to be returned before I could finish them, so now I am having to wait while my name works its way back up the top of the wait list so I can finish reading them.  

Eating:  SO much junk food.  Between cookouts, birthday cakes, and trips to the ball park - I have been loading up on not-very-healthy foods.  Unfortunately my weight is showing the side effects of my current eating habits.  

Working On:  Washcloths.  Yes...  STILL! 

Enjoying:  Out of doors entertainment.  I love the open air concerts, ball games, cookouts and such that happen during the summer.  Even things as simple as sitting outside and crocheting while the grand baby plays with sidewalk chalk and bubbles.

Anticipating:  See above! 

Feeling:  Hot.  Anything above 80 degrees and I just don't get along very well.  I'm just trying to power through until fall.  

What is your little corner of the world looking like as we start into July?

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