Thursday, July 13, 2017

Reducing Your Paper Towel Waste

Back in January, we made the switch from paper napkins to cloth.  This has gone well for the most part.  However we were still using paper towels.  And going through a lot of them.   While any little bit of progress to reduce waste is good progress - I couldn't help feeling that we could do more.

It was time to make the move to "un-paper towels".

I considered just buying some and did a lot of looking online.  (Just search "unpaper towels" on Etsy.  You'll find plenty of options if you want to purchase some yourself)   But being a cheap thrifty DIY type of gal, I decided to make my own.  Which meant it was time to hit up Pinterest for some inspiration.

After a lot of looking around.  And I mean A LOT...   I finally came across a tutorial by which was a nice, simple, no-frills, and fast solution for creating your own unpaper towels.

I am very pleased with the results so far.  They clean up small spills well.  The grand kid has used them for wiping face and hands during snacks and lunches.  I have used them for drying my hands.  I've used them to set bread on while making sandwiches.  All the usual paper towel type jobs.

They live in a cute little wooden box on the counter next to the sink - right where the paper towel holder used to sit.  And the female offspring was thrilled to inherit my old paper towel holder, since she's been looking for one for her own kitchen.

The male offspring had expressed some concern about what we would use for cleaning windows and mirrors.  I resolved that buy picking up a pack of microfiber cloths just for this purpose.

Would you consider switching to cloth towels in place of paper towels?  Or have you already made the switch?  I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

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To Read the Tutorial I Followed  For Making My UnPaper Towels - click HERE 

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