Monday, July 31, 2017

Obsessed With The Dress

Y'all may remember back at the beginning of the summer I featured THIS dress in one of my Friday Favorites. (and again last Friday!)

Red Heirloom Maxi Dress

Well, I did head to World Market and got the dress for myself a short time later.  What the description calls "red" is really more of an orange in person.  Which made it difficult to chose between that and the  Blue...

Blue Heirloom Maxi Dress

I decided to go with the blue.  And I LOVE it!  It is so pretty and I feel so feminine when I wear it.

Then last week I happened to be at World Market again with my daughter.  Where I saw that the dress was still available in the red/orange. 

And it was on sale for half price...

AND I just happened to have a $10 off coupon...

Which is how I ended up taking the red dress home with me for only $10!

I adore a pretty dress. I love it even more when I get a great deal on it!  

1 comment:

  1. Hi Beckey!

    I loved that dress then, and I love it now! The blue is gorgeous...but red is my favorite color! Don't you just love a bargain!? It always makes my day.



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