Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back When You Were Little

Back when you were little - I used to take afternoon naps with you; your soft head under my chin.

Now - You don't take naps, and you stay up later than I can keep my eyes open.

Back when you were little - You had the cutest chubby little legs, complete with little Michelin man rolls on the thighs.

Now- You are taller than I am.

Back when you were little - People used to comment on your adorable little cheeks

Now - Those cheeks are showing the first fuzz of facial hair.

Back when you were little - You used to come running to show me every little treasure you found and share every part of your adventures.

Now - You are the king of one syllable answers and grunts.

Back when you were little - You used to like my singing and would sing along with me.

Now - You roll your eyes when I sing in the car and beg me to "Please stop"

Back when you were little - You used to plead with me to rub your back while we watched TV or read a book

Now - Ok, maybe some things still haven't changed.

Back when you were little - You were my sweet little boy. The cause of my first gray hairs. The tiny little male child I loved with all my heart.

Now - You're not so little anymore. You're growing more and more independent. But you still cause me new gray hairs. And I still love you just as much as I did back when you were little.

Happy 14th Birthday Little Man!!


  1. Happy 14th Birthday Junebug!!!

    1. Hard to believe our little boys are already 14, isn't it?


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