Friday, April 5, 2013

D-O-G Spells

The male offspring has a week off from school for spring break.  Which means someone else gets to help with the usual morning chores, such as taking care of the dog (Yah!)

The other morning I was heading out to the grocery store and knew the dog still needed to do his business.  I also know he goes crazy when he hears the word "out". 

So I say to the male offspring: "Does the d-o-g need to go o-u-t?"

And the dog took off running down the stairs to the back door!  Almost as if he has figured out the whole spelling thing!

Is it possible we have the smartest dog on the block? Probably not!  But I think maybe Martha of the book Martha Blah Blah and the show Martha Speaks! has nothing on him! (come to think of it, he kinda looks like Martha too)

1 comment:

  1. So funny! We had a basset that did the same thing. We started spelling words and she started figuring those out too :)


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