Monday, April 15, 2013

Incredible Patience

Shopping is not the favorite activity for The Man of the House.  He's a "go in - get what you need/want - get out" sort of shopper. Which doesn't work well when you know in a general way what you are looking for, but having trouble finding what it is specifically that you need.  It's a form of torture for him.

Case in point - cafe curtains for the kitchen.

I knew I wanted cafe curtains.  I even thought I had them picked out and purchased.  Until I got home and realized that actually measuring the window and making sure the curtains you are purchasing are, in fact, the right size for that particular window.

I had not. They were too long.  (sigh)  This is a brief synopsis of what occurred next...

Return previously purchased curtains.  Search curtain selection at store where previous curtains were purchased.  Realize they carry nothing close to the size I actually need. Leave store frustrated.

Plan to browse Target and World Market websites for potential new curtains.  Internet is down all evening and the following morning. Decide to just go check stores.

Have Man of the House take me to shopping plaza to participate in the hunt for curtains.  Look in first store, find nothing.  Look through shoe department instead.

Look at second store.  Find nothing.  Form potential new idea in mind.

Drag Man of House into another store.  Still nothing.  He wanders off to look at grills.  Finding none, he comes back.  Only to be told we will have to go to yet another store.

Store number 4.  Nope.

Store number 5.  Again, a bust.  Ponder possible new idea which began brain brewing earlier.  Get a stroke of pure genius.  Which requires returning to store number 2 to purchase item to be used as curtains.  It also requires a stop at the store where the first curtains were bought and  returned for clips to complete the new project.

And... Voila!  Using napkins found at World Market - new cafe curtains!!

Through it all, the Man of House was incredibly patient with me.  Seriously, I could learn a thing or two from him on the subject.  I probably would have been snapping out somewhere around store 3 or 4.  Absolutely by the time we had to return to store 2.  But not him - he was an absolute model of self control and understanding.

Especially considering that later the same day he must have had enough of listening to me complain about my feed aching all the time - because he took me back out to get new shoes.  I was being picky.  ( Is it too much to ask for some cute, comfortable shoes with plenty of cushioning which will go with most any outfit??)  Which meant going to 3 more stores in order to find just the right pair to cradle my feet in comfort.

Thanks sweetie!  I know all that walking around and shopping isn't your cup of tea.  I appreciate you doing it for me.  And for being patient with me in the process! 

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