Friday, April 12, 2013

That Really Stinks

The other night a very loud buzzing sound woke me up.  The source of that buzzing?   The stink bug that was landing on my head. 

Seriously people!  ON. MY. HEAD.

We have been living with the stink bug invasion for a few years now.  You can't kill them like a spider or something because if you squash them, they... well... they stink. I have pretty much accepted that at any given time there is likely to be one of those nasty looking little things crawling on some ceiling, wall, or window of my home. 

But I absolutely draw the line at landing on my head while I am trying to sleep.  That is just so not OK!! In about a hundred different ways.

To make matters worse, I woke again a short time later to a congested nostril. The kind of congestion where you can feel a big ol' blockage right behind the bridge of your nose.  Which normally wouldn't phase me.  When you have allergies like mine, you also pretty much accept that some nights (and days) you are going to experience this feeling.

However, after just having had a stink bug land on my head I became paranoid convinced that the same stink bug had somehow landed on me again, climbed up my nose, and was now lodged in my sinus cavity directly behind the bridge of my nose. 

I had a teeny tiny little panic attack, driving me to the bathroom in search of tissue.  Where - after blowing my nose loudly and repeatedly - I was once again able to breathe through that nostril and was assured there were no creepy crawlies wedged into parts of my skull.

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  1. That was probably not supposed to make me laugh....but it did! mostly because I can totally see myself freaking out having those same thoughts.


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