Tuesday, September 24, 2013

An Open Letter to the Driver In the Car Behind Me

Dear driver in the car behind me;

As we both sit here in the long line of cars waiting at the road construction, I have to wonder:

Do you really believe that consistantly edging, inch by inch, closer to my bumper is somehow going to encourage the flag person to turn his stop/slow sign around and allow our lane to proceed?  Because I personally doubt it.  I believe he could care less if you end up sitting in my backseat, although it might add a bit of excitement to his otherwise monotonous routine. 

photo credit: waveweekly.ju.edu

Is being those few feet closer to me... and by default the beginning of the line... somehow going to get you to your destination faster once we are allowed to move forward? 

The only other possible explanation I can come with for this need you have to get your car as close as humanly possible to my car is that there is something wrong with both the rear view and vanity mirrors in your vehicle causing you to attempt to use my rear view mirror to apply a fresh coat of lipstick or check for leftover salad in your teeth.  Is that it?

Whatever your reasoning... you are invading my personal road space.  And it's making me uncomfortable.  So please... back off!


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