Saturday, September 28, 2013

Try A Smile

I've been trying this new thing... smiling at people. 

Not the family or friends.  (although I try to smile at them also)  Strangers.  People I pass in the store. 

Making eye contact and smiling.

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Funny thing is - this is much more difficult than you might think! 

Mostly because other people seem to be making an earnest effort not to make eye contact with everyone else!  They are all busy looking at their phones... or their lists... or their feet... or the ceiling.  Anything other than all the other people sharing a space with them.

I can report though ..

about 99% of the people I manage to make eye contact with and smile at will return the expression!

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  1. I admit I am one of the ones that will avoid eye contact.

    & honestly, if I ran into you in a grocery aisle somewhere & you smiled at me, you would have started an internal debate inside my head... what were you smiling at? Did I have something on my face? Were they smiling because I looked funny, dumpy or just plain ugly?

    Thank you for the reminder that the next person that makes eye contact and smiles just maybe someone is trying to be nice and not judgey. :)


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