Saturday, September 14, 2013

I Had Plans

I had plans that day.  Big plans.  There was all kinds of cleaning and sewing to be done.  It was going to be a productive day.  And I was going to look like Super Homemaker Woman by the time the man of the house got home from work.



It seems God had other plans for me.

First, as I posted my link to the Proverbs31 Ministries Online Bible Study weekly blog hop - the thought occurred to me "You should read all these".  Um... what?  I'm a busy woman!  Read all these?  Do you have any idea how many links are up there - with more being added every minute?  Maybe just some of them?  Nope... you should read them all.  (sigh)  Alrighty then.

Finally... I made it through almost all of the links posted.  (I confess - there were breaks in there to change the sheets, do some laundry, dishes, and watch the grand baby while his mommy ran an errand)

Now.  Now I could get back to my To-Do list, right?

And then the thought came... No.  Now you need to finish that painting project you've been dragging out for months.

Say... WHAT?

C'mon!!  That cabinet has been half painted for weeks and weeks.  What's a little longer going to hurt?  I could do it tomorrow.    No?  Today?  It has to be today?  (Another confession.  I tried my best to ignore this thought.  But it kept nagging at me until I gave it and dragged the cabinet outside to paint)

What was the point?  Who knows.  But now, as I type this, the cabinet sits outside with the primer drying - awaiting a coat of paint.  And I realize that even with the unplanned interruptions - I still got a LOT accomplished!  Maybe not the sewing I had planned.  But in the end, it was a pretty productive day!

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  1. I'm learning not to make plans of my own, too. He usually totally up and changes them all around!!!


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