Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What I Actually Did

Back on June 21, I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish during the summer.  Now that summer is wrapping up - let's take a look back and review...
*  Learn to make Risotto
No.  I don't know why I am letting this intimidate me so much.  I need to just do it already!

*  Spend more evenings out on the back porch, reading or just relaxing  
Nope.  But in my defense, it was one seriously rainy summer and most evenings were either wet or just too humid to be outside much.

*  Learn to make real pudding (not from a box)
Well, I looked at lots of recipes.  And technically I learned how to make it.  I just never actually got around to making it.

*  Use up stash of leftover yarn making baby hats.

*  Donate them to pregnancy support group in town   
And Done!

*  Eat less meat and pasta  
Um... yeeeeeh... No.

*  Get to the gym more  
Ha! If anything, probably went less!

*  Put down the crochet hooks and knit something  
I've looked at some patterns, but I just have so many crochet projects in the works I couldn't bring myself to set them aside for some knitting.

*  Try out more of the stuff on my Pinterest boards  
Yes! Check out some of my Pinterest inspired projects at This IS My Day Job

*  Go for a hike by myself   
Hmm.. No I didn't do this. I'll add it to my autumn list

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