Wednesday, September 4, 2013

That One Thing

In our women's Bible study this past week, we focused on Eve. Her creation.  Her role as companion, partner, and helper.  The fall.

Many of us (especially we women) love to focus on her role in the first sin.  That temptation and the forbidden fruit. We blame Eve for our monthly cycles, hormonal rages, and pains.  We blame her for sin, pain, and evil in the world.  We find ourselves feeling a bit superior to that weak woman in the garden who took the forbidden fruit and shared it with her mate.

Eve was able to be tempted into sin because she allowed her focus to be turned to the one thing God had denied her, rather than focusing on everything He had given to her.  She was surrounded by a garden full of delicious fruits.  But the center of attention and desire became the one she was not allowed to have.

And here's the thing... haven't we all been there at some point?

We focus on what we think we need or are missing out on rather than on all the blessings constantly being bestowed on us.

The answer to this stumbling block?


Taking constant inventory of everything good and wonderful which has been showered on us. Learning to be content with what we have rather than always looking for what we don't.  Learning to find the blessing and the joy in any circumstance. 


  1. Hi Beckey! I am coming over from Wednesday Prayer Girls.

    I love your post today! Gratitude is the way to go, no question. And you are so right about wanting the one thing I can't have. Why do I obsess like that? So silly.

    That lilac photo is so pretty, it's one of my favorite colors.
    So nice to meet you today!

    1. Thanks so much Ceil! I think most (all?) of us tend to spend too much time thinking about what we don't have! You'recnot alone.


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