Monday, December 16, 2013

Santa? Or Scrooge?

The female off spring and I made a little side trip to the local mall the other day just so the grand baby could see that famous jolly old elf.  You know... the one who's little round belly shakes when he laughs like a bowl full of jelly.  Yes... Santa.  The Clause.  Kris Kringle.  Father Christmas.  The big guy at the North Pole.

Two things struck me on our rather disappointing trip.

First.. Santa wasn't even there.  Nope.  Santa being as busy as he is this time of year couldn't be bothered to sit and listen to the wish lists of little kids at about 11:00 am on a weekday.  He has a schedule.  And wouldn't make an appearance until 4:00 pm on that day.

Second... Had Santa in fact been on duty at the time we arrived; he would be happy to "talk" to our little guy.  But if we wanted a photo we better not even think about pulling out a camera, cell phone, or tablet for a quick shot.  Not even one quick personal snapshot.  The privilege of a photo with Santa comes at a cost.  Starting at $16 for ONE 4x6 digital print to be precise.


Call me cheap... but I can get a 4x6 digital print made at most any drug store for less than a dollar.  In fact I can get two or three for about a dollar.  Which is the reason I am in complete and total shock that someone would charge $16 for one with the dude in the red suit.  

C'mon people! It's Christmas for goodness sake!! And many parents are scraping to be able to purchase a few nice gifts for their kids.  All they want is one little snapshot to capture this fleeting moment of childhood and belief in their offspring.  And now you charge them $16 for one little photo with Santa??

So much for the Christmas spirit!!

Sounds more like something Scrooge would dream up to me...

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  1. Try Historic Johnson Farm next year. They hold a Christmas weekend and photis of Santa with your own camera are free. We loved the Santa at the Blue Ridge Mall (and paid $30 for 1 photo & a CD with five more). The organizers said the mall agreement for ID them to allow customers to take pics. They're looking to set up somewhere else next year.

    1. Thanks for the tip! Last year there was one at Biltmore Park where they let us just snap away, but it doesn't seem to be one there this year.


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