Monday, September 29, 2014

Three Things: I Do Every Day

Many of us are creatures of habit - even if we don't realize it.  I am sure there are certain things you do everyday.  Things you do in a certain order, or at a certain time.  Those daily habits you may not even think about.  There's something comfortable about the repetition of some activities.  Here are three things I do (pretty much) every day:

1) Make coffee: Seriously... First thing.  Every single morning.  Don't even try to talk to me until I have made and had at least a few sips of my first cup of coffee.  Does this really come as a surprise to anyone who knows anything about me?

2)  Spend some quiet time with Jesus:  Right after I fix that cup of coffee.  Just me and God having a little coffee talk over my Bible and devotionals.  I can certainly tell a difference in how my day seems to go on the mornings I skip this!
3)  Read: OK, again... if you know anything at all about me this is not surprising new.  I read every chance I get.  A day is not a day unless I get some reading done!  And I can't go to sleep without reading at least a few pages.  It's how I unwind and relax into sleep mode.

What's something you do EVERY day?

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  1. Minus the coffee, those are things I do too. And on most days, I have my quiet time in the afternoon with two chocolate chip cookies and a Diet Dr. Pepper. :)

  2. My mornings are not complete without Jesus and coffee. ;)

  3. Same here Beckey, good ways to start the day!

  4. I so hear you on these three things! When I make the time to include each of these on your list, my heart has a better day - no matter the circumstances of the day. Thank you for sharing with Salt & Light



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