Monday, September 8, 2014

Three Things: I Like to Remember

After 40-something years of life - and being with the Man of the House for half of that - it should be pretty obvious that I have a LOT of memories.  Some I like to think about more than others.  Sure, there are the obvious good memories: the day we got married, the day each of our kids was born, the birth of our first grandchild..  I could easily fill a "Three Things" post with those alone.  But beside those joyous occasions - there are others that I especially enjoy looking back on because they make me smile.  This is just three:

1) The First Date:  I spent the whole evening wondering if it was, in fact, a date - or just a couple of friends hanging out.  Mostly because the Man of the House was so cool and nonchalant about the whole thing, including how he asked me out.  Something along the lines of how he was going to see this movie and if I wanted to see it I could go with him.  After the movie, when he took me home, we sat in my parents driveway for the longest time just talking about stuff - like the universe and our place in it.  (yeh... we were real deep back then)

2) Our First Vacation to the Outer Banks:  The place we stayed was great.  We relaxed on the beach, we explored, we visited lighthouses, we ate good food.  It was one of those great vacations where we didn't plan anything - just played it by ear.  And had a blast doing it.

3) The Time We Got Lost Hiking at the Pink Beds: Sure... at the time it didn't seem like a "good memory" type of a thing.  But now, it's something we still talk (and laugh) about! Somehow we had gotten off the trail we intended to take.  A hike that was supposed to be a few hours turned into an all day event.  We were never lost, lost.  We were always on a trail, so we knew we would come out somewhere.  The question was: where?  And how far from our car would we be at that time? You can read more about that here:

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  1. I love the Outer Banks. One of my favorite vacation spots. So serene, peaceful and beautiful.


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