Monday, January 11, 2016

Round and Round

The other day as I sat reading posts on some blogs other than my own, I found myself doodling on a scrap of paper.  Nothing fancy.  No surprise masterpieces.  I was mostly just swirling the pen around making little circular coils.

And then it hit me...

What ever happened to Spirograph? (Do you remember this thing?  Or am I once again aging myself?)  It. Was. AWESOME!  I seriously loved me some Spirograph back in the day!

What's a Spirograph, you may ask.  ( oh, you youngsters these days with your fancy schmancy tech toys...)

Spirograph was - put simply - geometry at its best.  It was essentially a bunch of plastic circles.  That made magic.  (No, not really)  You took one large sort of frame like circle and placed it on a piece of paper.  Then you selected another smaller circle and placed it on your paper inside the bigger circle.  Pick a colored pen, shove the tip into one of many holes in the smaller circle,  then (here comes the magic!) start swirling the smaller circle around the inside circumference of the larger circle. And voila!!  All sorts of amazing swirly geometric shapes appear!

I feel as if somehow my description fails to truly do the Spirograph justice. Oh, but you are in luck!  Because a quick search allowed me to find some examples for your viewing enjoyment!

See!!!  Very cool, right?  Right!!  Now, the question is: Do they still make Spirographs? (Yes!!) And, where can I get one of these bad boys for myself?

(Oh, and if you're a former - or current - Spirograph junkie like myself... You should check out that website above!  But be warned - you may lose track of time in there.)


  1. I had a spirograph - it was or had to be the late 80's when I got mine. LOVED that thing like no other. My cousins and I would doodle for days with it. Good memories! xo Amanda

  2. I remember....they were so fun....using different colors. Are you gonna get yourself one? You should!!!

  3. I had one of those!! I agree with Deb, you ought to get one. Nice to meet you...many Monday Blessings to you.

  4. p.s. Thanks for stopping by and visiting...big smiles

  5. Yes! I almost got Abbie one last year, but not sure why I didn't. They have them at Target in the school supply section!! Go for it!


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