Monday, April 25, 2016

My Current Reality...

I enjoy reading these "currently" type of blog posts.  It's a nice brief glimpse into someone's everyday life.  It might even be nice to make this a regular feature.  Potentially even as a link up eventually?


Reading: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.   And enjoying it very much!  I have been reading it on my Nook; but feel I may need to buy a print copy because here are so many quotes I want to highlight and write notes about in the margins.

Eating:  Too much junk!  It is time to step away from the sugar and processed foods and get back to a healthier eating pattern!

Working on:  trying to complete a wholesale order to ship this week.  And sneaking in a little Spring cleaning chores when I can.

Enjoying:  the Spring weather, knowing that at any moment we are going to move in to the 80+ degree weather; which is just too hot for this gal.

Anticipating: a brief trip up to Long Island with the man sometime in the next few months.  He will likely be going for a few days on business and I am hoping to tag along.

Thinking about:  whether it might be time to open a online storefront for Queen B's Busy Work outside of Etsy.  What my own site would cost, and how exactly I would initially fund that sort of venture.  Scary, but exciting, stuff!

Feeling:  a little overwhelmed by orders right now.  Have had a few stack up while trying to complete this wholesale order.  Fortunately they will be quick to complete and should only take a few days to craft and ship.

What are you up to currently?  Share in the comments.  Or, write your own Currently post and share the link!

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  1. Currently, trying to survive the last 2 weeks of regular classes and then finals, wink. Have a beautiful week, friend.

  2. Love the peek into your life!
    I'm currently enjoying our last few weeks of homeschooling...
    Especially since my baby girl is in Kindergarten!
    Next year...First Grade!
    Have a cozy day...

  3. Currently....tired. LOL Been working outside a lot since the weather is so gorgeous and it's hard on an old woman!!! ;-)

    1. You may be tired, but all that exercise has to be good for you! Get some rest!!


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