Saturday, April 30, 2016

What I Wore: Week Two

Let's give it another go this week.  Not sure how long I can keep this up.  It could get repetitive quickly, as I tend to repeat outfits quite often. I might have to consider just highlighting one outfit per week.

Saturday:  Saturdays mean grocery shopping for myself and the Man of the House.  I selected a pair of skinnies with the cuffs flipped for a cropped look, a white tshirt and a lightweight teal and white drapey cardigan with a hoodie.

Sunday:  I'm going to be completely honest with you.  I knew I was going to spend all afternoon working on a shop order and binging on Netflix, so I didn't even try.  I spent the day in a pair of Carolina Panthers lounge pants and a black tshirt.  Because some days are just like that.

Monday:  The day called for a casual outfit: gray jersey tunic with an open back, a bright blue tank, and jeans

Tuesday:  The temperatures really started warming up, so I selected A red peasant top to wear with some denim pedal pushers.  Nice and breezy.

Wednesday:  Another day with the super casual theme, finding me in a lightweight knit tshirt with a white flowy cardigan and my favorite Banana Republic jeans (another $4 thrift store find!)

Thursday:  A cool morning warmed up into a warm day.  Time for layers.  I wore brown flared pants, a loose coral sleeveless top.  A brown silk-blend cardigan kept me warm in the morning, and was easily removed when the day got heated.

Friday:  The day of the week when you want to be comfortable and have a little fun!  A brown flowy skirt (one of my favorites - I've had it forever!), a cream top with gathers at the neckline, and my trusty denim shirt.  

The beautiful necklace pictured with Friday's outfit was made for me by my daughter. 

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  1. Ok, so I have to admit, I have no idea what skinny jeans love the necklace, very pretty. Have a beautiful day, friend.


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