Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Our family has this unusual activity of occasionally doing different food related challenges.  Some or all members have participated in eating hot peppers, eating "gross" or unusual foods, and playing Beanboozled.  We've had evenings where we each had to pick something we had never tried before for a tasting.  And we have have done a taste test with Miracle Berry tablets, which make bitter and sour foods taste sweet.

Some people would consider us a little crazy. (No argument) I like to think of it as stepping outside our culinary comfort zone.

Because of this, my youngest sister and her family introduced us to the Universal Yums subscription box.  Each month they send a box filled with snack foods from a different country.

April was our first month and spotlighted Poland.  The snacks varied from the not so tasty (onion chips) to the "I need to find out where I can get more of this!" (dark chocolate covered gingerbread)

These yummy milk chews were a hit with everyone participating in the tasting game.   I'm still not entirely sure what they were.  Some kind of fudge?  A soft caramel?

The chocolate covered cow cookies were interesting.  The cookie itself was not much to write home about.  Just a dry, crumbly butter cookie; but the chocolate helped perk them up a little.  Because... chocolate!

Over all, the Polish treats received thumbs ups.  Some more than others. 

 I wish I had thought to take more pictures. I'll try to remember for next month - which we're pretty sure is Greece. 

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  1. Oh that is pretty cool!!! Have a great Tuesday, friend.

  2. Did you know that Big Lots has a huge assortment of foreign treats? Especially from regions of Europe? You should check them out :)

  3. That is interesting!!!!
    I've had some from Denmark when Madison comes home from visiting Nicolas... Yummmmm!

  4. How interesting....I've never heard of that. Yes, keep us posted on which country's sweet treats you like best. A blogging friend sent me some hot chocolate from her country and it was AWESOME. I actually found some similar here in USA!!!

    1. I certainly will! It's fun to see how people from other countries are snacking.


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