Saturday, April 23, 2016

What I Wore This Week

Now, let's just be honest here...  I am no fashion blogger.  Not even close.  But every now and then I get the urge to try something new and a little outside my comfort zone.  So, I hope y'all will bear with me as I give this thing a go.

Sunday:  This was the day of our hike.  I wore a pair of khakis, my "God save the queen" tshirt from Savannah Bee Company, and a denim shirt.  The weather was a big factor in my choices.  Temperatures can change in the blink of an eye during this time of year in the mountains.  The pants are lightweight and comfortable, with the added feature of tabs to be able to roll them to a cropped length if things get warm.  While the denim shirt could be removed and tied around my waist or tucked away in the backpack.

Monday:  It was expected to be another warm Spring day.  One I planned to use doing household chores and working on Etsy shop orders.  I selected a striped short-sleeved tunic with a cute zipper accent on the back from Target, paired with a black cami underneath and skinny jeans.

Tuesday: The outfit for the day was simple.  A white t shirt with a small ruffle accent at the neckline and a dark purple drapey cardigan with another pair of jeans.

Wednesday:  Lots of work to do!  So, comfort was key.  I selected a monochromatic gray tones tshirt with a fun owl print, a black 3/4 sleeve drapey cardigan (a twin to the one from Tuesday), and my 
$4-thrift-store-find Nine West jeans.

Thursday:  I forgot to take picture of the outfit this day!  Oops!  It was a blue print peasant top and a pair of gray pants.

Friday:  I needed to run errands and pick up some supplies for the shop.  I wanted to be cute, but also extra comfortable.  I wore my favorite gray maxi skirt, a white v-neck tshirt and my denim shirt (the same one from Sunday's outfit of the day)  

What did you wear this week?

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  1. I'm not a fashionista. The weather can change can here in western NY, especially down on campus, which sits in the Alleghany's. Anyways, I started the week off wearing khaki's or my jean clam diggers and t shirts with a light jacket. By the end of the week it was back to long sleeve shirts and jeans and tennis shoes. See, no fashion sense, really. At least I don't have my stuff hanging out like the majority of these people do, lol. My husband is constantly complaining that I look the same day in and out.

    Have a beautiful Sunday, friend. AND I love your wardrobe. Blessings

  2. Right now, I am all about the comfy dresses with a flowy cardigan as needed! Comfy and still looks like I made an effort. 😉


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