Monday, May 2, 2016

Currently, the Beginning of May

April has officially come and gone; and now we find ourselves in the first days of May.  I'm not gonna lie y'all - I am kinda freaking out about how quickly this year seems to be zooming by!

I Am Currently..

Reading:  I finished The Alchemist last week and started The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters.  It's slow going and so far I'm just finding it to be a mediocre read.  Not caring much or feeling any connection with the main character yet.  Maybe that will change soon.

Eating:  Ginormous strawberries!  The last few packs of strawberries I have picked up have been huge berries.  We even had one that was the size of a small apple!

Working on:  Making smarter food choices and getting back into a healthier eating routine.

Enjoying:  Making plans with the Man of the House for some Spring and Summer fun together.

Anticipating:  The male offspring turning 18 later this month and graduating from high school next month

Thinking:  How quickly time flies.  One day your struggling to parent two young children and then in the blink of an eye you have two young adults in your life and even a grand baby!

Feeling:  Tired.  Very very tired.  Been staying up too late trying to catch up on work.  It's catching up with me.

What are you currently doing?

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  1. A graduation?
    How exciting! Bittersweet though, right?
    We are currently winding our Kindergarten homeschooling down.
    The older kids do cyberschool, and don't finish until June.
    We also have two birthdays in a sweet 16!!!
    Have a cozy evening!

  2. On today's agenda is struggling with being home because a delivery has to be signed for...and going to our daughter's to feed the, aren't you envious of my exciting life? 😃

    1. It sounds just about as exciting as mine! LOL

  3. You know...I was looking at prom pictures over the weekend of all these "little" kids I have worked with over the years and it hit the blink of an eye my own little will be getting ready for the prom. It is bittersweet. Hugs!


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