Friday, May 13, 2016

Favorite Finds Friday: Spring Essentials

Welcome to another Favorite Finds Friday!  Spring has been in full swing for a couple of months, but if spring where you are us anything like spring here - that means some rather erratic weather.  Even in the middle of May we can get some cool mornings.  With blazing hot afternoons.  And back to chilly for the evening. All this back and forth can make dressing more than a little complicated at times.

Despite that, there are a few items I consider my "Spring Essentials"...

Scarves:  I know what you're thinking...  "Scarves?  I thought she was talking about Spring essentials.  Not winter!"  Scarves, for Spring?  Uh... YES!  I love a good scarf year 'round.  Especially with a cute sweater or tunic and boots during autumn.  But once the weather turns warmer, I put away the knit scarves for lighter and brighter materials.

Scarves are perfect for adding a not-too-heavy layer on those cooler days when you need a little extra to keep the chill off.  Plus they can add a fun something special to a tshirt dress or a simple shorts and top combo.

Fun Nail Polish:  After wearing darker shades for winter (think navy, deep grey, and rich wines), or being downright neglected because they're hidden away inside my boots - my toes are ready to come out and play!

This means a wardrobe change to fun, bright colors.  Bring on the corals, the teals, and the bright pinks!

Dresses & Skirts:  I find pants a challenge any time of year.  It's difficult to find a comfortable, well fitting pair of pants.   Which is why I lean heavily on skirts and dresses once the weather warms up. (And I no longer have to worry about a winter wind finding it's way up my skirt...  brrr!)

Easy.  Cool.  And comfy.  That has Spring into Summer written all over it!

Speaking of being comfy pants challenged - I am crazy curious about the pants at .  They have these Crop Dress Pant Yoga Pants which look perfect for Spring and Summer.  I am dying to try!  If I could look dressed, while having the comfort of yoga pants... yes, PLEASE!!  Check 'em out for yourself!  And while you're there, have a peek at some of BetaBrand's suggestions for Spring Essentials:

What are your Spring Essentials?  Share in the comments!

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  1. That dress is so cute and looks good on you....and I love your turquoise piggies. ;-) HOPE you have a great weekend. (p.s...I love scarves year-round, too)

  2. I love the dress, it does look nice on you...not sure if I could pull that off or not, smiles. I really don't have any spring essentials. I like capri's and t shirts. Just simple things (and boring as my husband put it, lol)


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