Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Slow Down

I heard this song yesterday, and I'm not gonna lie - it made me cry a little. Maybe more than a little.  Ok...  I may or may mot have been driving down the road weeping like a baby.  As I prepare to have my "baby" achieve the milestone of high school graduation with a crazy mix of pride and sadness; this song spoke straight to this mama's heart.



  1. Our daughter is an only child and she lived at home until she got married. It took me 18 months to get over her not being here any longer. The "empty nest syndrome" rang loud and true in my life. I understand what you're going I'm watching our grand kiddos grow up way too fast. But...time slows down for none of us so we just have to make the most of each and every day!!! Prayers for you, sweet Momma!

    1. It's crazy how the grandkids seem to grow even faster than our own children did, isn't it?


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