Monday, January 23, 2017

Stuff For All The Stuff

They've been showing up in my email daily for the past week or two.  Emails letting me know that storage items are on sale.  Telling me about all the items being offered which will help me get my clutter under control.  Baskets and decorative boxes are half off! 

They're so tempting with their siren's song of getting my life organized and getting all my things under control once and for all.

Hold on just a sec.  Wait a minute...

Are they all telling me that I need to buy more STUFF in order to contain all the STUFF I already own?

Why - yes!  I think that's exactly what they are trying to convince me.  That because of all the things I have cluttering up my life and home - I need to buy MORE things!

Um...  Does this seem wrong to anyone else? 

My life is not going to become simplified by purchasing more things to put in my home in order to hold all the stuff that's already there.  The only solution to all the clutter in my life is to start eliminating it.  Not by adding to it!

Instead of adding to the clutter by getting a bunch of new items that are supposed to contain it, this week I am getting rid of some of the things cluttering up my home.

What is one area or room where you can get rid of some of the "stuff" cluttering up your home.

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  1. Oh, I have so many areas that the overwhelming thought of where to start and how to find the time keeps me motionless! They are all neat and out of sight though!

  2. I get those same advertisements wanting me to buy stuff, to organize my stuff! What I really need is a professional organizer who will go home when she is done . . . then I don't have to find a place for her . . . hehehe!

  3. My crafts/homeschool closet is the spot that accumulates the most clutter, but I'm working on it and getting better at not adding to it.


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