Monday, January 9, 2017

The Simple Way to Wash Your Walls

I admit that I can not claim to be much of a role model when it comes to housekeeping.  One of the chores I only tackle when I feel I just absolutely have to it is cleaning the walls.  Because... ugh!  In a busy house with light gray walls - this isn't a good thing.  They start looking pretty dingy before I get around to washing them.  Unfortunately for me - it was time. 

Scrubbing down walls didn't really fit into the image I had of my "Simplified" year.  I mean, it's not exactly a quick and easy job.  It was time to hit up my favorite source for tips and tricks (Pinterest) to see if I can find an simpler way to get it done.  Pinterest didn't let me down!  I saw a few ideas I liked, set my mind to the task ahead and It. Was. On!

The first thing I did was to take the broom and sweep down any cobwebs and dust. 

Next, I fit my Swiffer mop with an old dishcloth that I use for cleaning.  I sprayed a section of wall with my favorite all purpose cleaner.

Then I "mopped" the wall using the Swiffer mop using firm pressure.   I worked in small sections, working from top to bottom. 

After I finished a wall, I took the cleaning cloth and wiped down the bsseboards and light switch. 

And... VOILA!!  Clean walls.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! 

Do you clean your walls on a regular basis?   Share your best tips for making the task easier!

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  1. Kudos!! I love, Mrs. Mye*'s, it smells nice and really cleans well, it's all I use. I love your idea of using the swiff*r, what a great Idea . . . now, pass along some energy please...;0) It looks wonderful, keep up the good work!


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