Friday, January 10, 2014


Frozen. No, not the new kid's animated movie.  The weather this past week!  It was COLD, people!  Crazy cold.  Below frozen!

 Many places north of here, had it far worse than we did in western North Carolina.  I know that.  I also know that the "polar vortex" (as they are calling it - whoever they are, and whatever that) was plenty bad enough down this way.

Our low was negative one.  That didn't count the wind chill, which made that negative one degree air feel as if it were negative twenty-two.  And people living up on the mountain tops got even colder.

 Yeh... it was cold.

Cold enough to cancel schools.

Cold enough that there were ice crystals on the inside of some of our windows.

Cold enough to freeze our pipes.  Unlike sooooo many other people, we somehow managed to avoid any of them bursting and causing a huge flooding mess when they began to thaw. (praise God!)


Now, before y'all start thinking I am just complaining here I have to tell you a little secret.  I don't mind the cold all that much. Especially since I am blessed to have a nice warm house and a comfy couch to cuddle up on while I watch TV, read or crochet, and a nice new Keurig to pump out warm beverages at the touch of a button.  I actually deal much better with cold than I do with extreme heat.   So, no... I'm not complaining.  I'm just sayin' - It was COLD!

If I was going to complain about anything related to this cold weather, it would be that if it's going to be that cold it could at least give us a little pretty snow to look at.  But, alas, no snow - just cold

And don't worry about us eventually freezing or anything.  It's already warming up.  (warming up being a relative term here) This weekend it's supposed to be in the mid to upper 50s.  With plenty of rain to go along with it

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