Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Home Office/Craft Room/Guest Room Makeover

After doing some upgrades to the living room and the main bathroom in our home over the past couple of years, it was crazy how worn down everything else started looking in comparison!  It was time to start moving into the bedrooms.  First up was the bedroom that used to be occupied by the female offspring.  We now use it as a guest room, home office, and my craft room. 

We pulled everything out including the carpet. 

You can see the flowers I stamped onto her walls when she was young.  And there were soooo many nail/tack holds in the walls from all the picture and poster changes over the years.   (more on that HERE)
A fresh coat of paint on everything and some new flooring.

Doors removed from the closet.  Hello future crafting space!

The Man of the House hung some extra shelving in the closet.  We added a simple parson's desk, a hanging shoe organizer for yarn, some glass canisters and storage boxes...

And VIOLA! My new crafting closet is complete!

The vintage metal table I inherited from the Man of the House's Grandmother becomes a computer desk.  Plus some cube shelving for storage.
It's just gorgeous!  You can kind of see the futon to the right bottom of that last picture. Which is where guests can sleep when they stay over.

There are still a few finishing touches, such as maybe getting an area rug and hanging up some pictures. But I am so very happy with how it all turned out!! 

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