Wednesday, August 20, 2014

When You Feel Small

When I look around at all the beautiful things God has created, it is easy to feel very very small.  There is so much which is awe-inspiring.  Breathtaking.

The rolling mountains around my home. 
The deep oceans.
The vastness of space.
The seemingly endless variety of unique animals.
The complexity of plant life.

It's humbling to think that of all this - he cares for humans most of all.  That of all these things he made - He chose US to be created in his image.  That He cares for us.  He is mindful of us.  He tends to, weeps and sings over each one of us!

That he gathers us to Himself and calls each and everyone of us "beloved".

Out of all the things great and small in this endless universe - God notices us and cherishes us above all others.  Ours are the names engraved on his hands.

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  1. We are indeed very small in God's world. It also is greatly humbling to know that the Lord cares, tends, works through us as these little pieces of his puzzle. I love your reminder to look around us and see God's signature and how much he loves and cares for us. When we feel small that should easily be enough to encourage and comfort us.

    Thank you for stopping howtotrainasuperhero!



  2. He loves us so much He engraves our names on His hands.

    What a glorious Creator we have.


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