Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Spirit of Gratitude: October 14

Oh my goodness gracious!  How is it Wednesday already?  This week is getting away with me.  I never seemed to find time to write this post on Monday.  I'd like to say I took the "holiday" off, but it wouldn't be true.  As Monday slipped away, I told myself it was no big deal - I'd get to it on Tuesday.  Then Tuesday came and went with no post.  Oops!!  And now, here it is Wednesday evening and finally... finally!... Here is this week's gratitude post.  I hope you'll find it better late than never.

Going to bed at a reasonable time
New orders
Gluten-free  waffles

Taking the male offspring shopping for clothes
A visit from my mother
Extra sleep
Autumn mornings

Sleepy grand baby
The Man of the House's birthday
Mini cupcakes
Trying a new pizza place
Enjoying the fall colors on the drive home

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  1. What a beautiful drive to your the foggy picture!


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