Friday, October 9, 2015

Random Friday

Look around the ol' interwebs a while and you'll see all kinds of folks singing the praises of fall and proclaiming it their favorite season.  Myself included.  Why is that?  I think I've finally figured it out.

Everything about fall is comforting.  That's it.  It's the cozy season. The clothes... warm and cozy sweaters.  The colors.... warm reds, yellows, oranges, browns and rusts.  The foods.... comfort foods - pumpkin, apple pie, cinnamon, soups and stews.  Hot chocolate, pumpkin lattes, warm tea.  It all just says "cozy".  No wonder so many of us are drawn to this particular season!


Know what else I find cozy?  Foggy mornings.  I don't know what it is but I enjoy a good foggy start to the day.  The thicker the fog - the better.  Unless of course I have to go out and drive in it.  But even then to a certain point, I'm enjoying the mist.

foggy morning

Here are some other random thoughts I've had this week.  For either your reading amusement - Or to scare you away from this blog forever because you are terrified by how my brain works.  Your call.

I realized this week that it is rapidly becoming decision time in regards to my hair.  Chop it off and keep it shorter - or bear through this stage, stockpile ponytail bands, bobby pins, and hair clips and let it grow out.  Decisions, decisions...

It's also past time for a color change for the little piggies.  And a cuticle trim.  Geez, I am really letting myself go over here! Anywho...  got any suggestions for a fun fall-ish type pedi color?  They're dark blue right now.

I'm keeping pretty busy making hats these days.  Everyone is getting in those orders for Halloween costumes I suppose.   But it's busy in a good way.  Not staying up all night busy.  More like steady.  Steady with a side of busy.

I finished season 2 of Downton Abbey this week.  And this entire season has just wreaked me!  It has apparently also wreaked the Man of the House, but in an entirely different way.  He avoids watching it like the plague, hiding out in the other room anytime I put it on to catch another episode.

I guess that about covers it.  For now. What's been on your mind this week?

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  1. You got it, comforting. That is the perfect way to describe Fall. Glad business is good too!

  2. So glad you got your happy mail!! I had never really thought about how everything about fall is true! I love it....well, except for all the leaves in our yard that have to be raked...:(


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