Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Spirit of Gratitude: October 22

Our crazy dog
Things that make life easier
The grand baby singing the ABC ' S
The male offspring being sweet
My Autumn mantle decor

Pretty teal loaf pan
Preparing for Christmas sales
Autumn colors against a bright blue sky

Bee pollen
Take and bake pizzas
The grand baby asking for chocolate ice cream
A Saturday afternoon nap
Making Sunday breakfast with the Man of the House
Panthers beating the Seahawks
Staying up much too late
The first morning with frost on the windshield
Yummy pasta with shrimp, tomatoes and spinach
Beautiful sunrises

Discovering there is still chocolate ice cream in the freezer
And not eating it
The grand baby's cold toes
Honey lemon couch drops
A helpful husband
Tea with honey

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  1. The mantle looks pretty! Love hearing the kiddos say their ABC's too, they grow up too fast!


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