Saturday, October 10, 2015

October Daily Cleaning Challenge: Week 2

An entire week of October has already come and gone! At this rate it is going to be a quick month!

How's everyone been doing with the daily cleaning?

I have a confession - I skipped a day or two.  Although I have tried to do a little something each day, even if I don't get the full 15 to 30 minutes in pet day.

Here's the list of suggested tasks for Week 2.
  • Clean the kitchen/dining room chairs
  • Wash the walls in the hallway or one room
  • Clean out the junk drawer
  • Clean out from under the couch and chair cushions
  • Clean the front door (and any other doors leading to the outside)
  • Tidy up the front porch area
  • Dust tops of door frames
  • Sweep/Vacuum
And don't forget the two optional challenges:

Bonus Challenge #1:  Complete at least one load of laundry per day.  By "complete" I mean washing, folding and putting away.  Because if you are anything like me, that basket of clean cloth clothes may sit around for days before something finally gets done with it.

Bonus Challenge #2:  Get the family involved!  Ask them to help tidy up for 10 minutes.  Set a timer and see how much y'all can get done.  You might be surprised what a difference 10 minutes can make.

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  1. I had a hectic week (who doesn't though) and didn't get 15-30 minutes every day. I spent more time working outside than inside, which is my preference!!! ;-) Getting outdoors helps with my sanity....and I need all the help I can get. HOPEfully this week will be better since the weather is getting cooler. Happy weekend!!

    1. I think working outside counts too. The outside of our homes need attention also! Have a great (and hopefully less hectic) week!

  2. I really like this challenge you have going on. . . .mine is at my Moms house. I stay there on the weekends and she has a list of to-do's ready and waiting. She recently moved into this house. So far we worked on the kitchen and small bathroom now we working on front yard. Garage is next.


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