Monday, May 13, 2013

Keeping Up The Motivation

I'm sure you're all eagerly awaiting an update on how I did with my goals for last week.  (No, I know you're not really - but let me have my little delusion, OK? Thanks)  So, here's an overview:
  • Drink more water eh... a few days I did really well, others - not so much.
  • Exercise at least 3 times  I'm not even sure how to judge this.  I only exercised 2 days; but on one of those days I worked out twice (am and pm)  So, I think I'm counting it as accomplished.
  • Walk a total of at least 5 miles Check!!
  • Get cards/packages in the mail  Um... no. Maybe this week.
  • Finish a craft project (and blog about it!)  Project completed.  Blog will be written and posted soon at A Wise Woman Once Said...
  • Have dinner as a family - at the table - every day except Thursday Was right on track with this - but then we had pizza in front of the TV on Friday.  And it sort of went downhill from there. 
 For this week, I'm feeling health conscious and keeping to that theme for my goals. Trying to keep up the motivation I'm feeling after having to buy some new pants this weekend because so many of my others keep sliding down and I'm too old to pull of the pants-riding-below-my-hips look (not that anyone can really successfully pull off that look)
  • Eat a healthy breakfast every morning (typing this as I finish a bowl of shredded wheat with banana, strawberries, and skim milk because I realized the leftover cheesecake in the fridge didn't really meet the "healthy" criteria)
  • Drink the recommended amount of water each day
  • Exercise at least 3 days this week
  • NO soft drinks!
  • Use neti pot before bed each night
  • Make an appointment for an eye exam

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