Wednesday, April 9, 2014

One Simple Truth

If there is one simple truth, one message I could give to you, one thing I want you to step away from this blog knowing - it is this...

God Loves You:

no matter what you weigh

no matter what you wear

whether your hair is:  long or short - curly or straight - brunette, blond, red, gray, or white
even if you have no hair

whatever your job is

even when you are grumpy

with makeup or without

whether you cooked dinner, or ordered takeout

whether your house is clean or messy

whether the laundry is clean or not

if you made it to the gym today or skipped it

with pimples - or wrinkles

if you have a house full of children - or no children

Despite of what you've done

Because of who you are


No matter what

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  1. Awesome reminder to me 'cause I way too often beat myself up over not being good enough!!! Thanks, sweet Lady!

    1. I think we all do Debbie! In one way or another. ((HUGS)) Have a blessed day!

  2. Beautiful message and true! Have a wonderful day!


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