Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spirit of Gratitude: April 17

I apologize that things have been quiet around the blog this week... focusing on having the offspring home on Spring Break spending more time on devotional and Bible study time than on the blog. Things should be back to normal next week. (normal being a relative term here...) Until then - here's my gratitude journal for the week.

This Week I Am Thankful For:

To Do lists
Blowing bubbles
Crocheting on the back porch
Delicious "clean eating" recipes
Bright stars on a velvet black sky
Opening all the windows to let the Spring air inside
Spring break
Playing at the park - two days in a row
Being ready for Easter a week early
My new planting boxes - handmade by the Man of the House
Curtains dancing in the breeze
Creating a bumble bee motif crochet pattern
Time alone with the Man of the House while the offspring go for a walk together
My newly crafted clothespin bag
Grand baby helping back cookies
Good advice
Talking with the male offspring in the car
Dogwood winter
A safe drive to and from the zoo
Seeing the female offspring blush
Cool new tiger sunglasses
The Man of the House (and his co-workers) enjoying new broccoli salad recipe I found

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